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a comprehensive

e-learning solution

We bring your courses to life 

What course or program do you want to make digital? Share your idea with us.  We'll be there to help you at every step of the way.  From conceiving the e-learning strategy and developing the digital modules to finding the right platform to publish and sell your courses.

This business case was about just that.  Converting an already successful in-person workshop into e-learning and finding the best online platform to sell and deliver it to a world-wide audience.


Real Estate Agent Sheryl E., from Toronto has been delivering an in-person workshop called Rental Basics, for many years.   In it, she shares her winning strategies in marketing rental apartments with other realtors from the area.  Sheryl wanted to create an online version of her workshop, publish it in an affordable and user-friendly platform that allowed her to sell it online and provide support to students, without requiring too much technical expertise.

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